Monday, 10 December 2012

Focus: where is yours?

I often need to remind myself that I need to focus on what is positive. Our culture is aimed at eternal improvement which focuses not on the good but on the small percentage of things that go wrong or fall short. Focus on those failures and your energy goes down Focus on the good you have received and achieved and your energy goes up. That is the energy you can then use  to work on the imperfections of life with a cheerful heart. You become more buoyant and rise above difficulties and live life more fully.

In other words, on a day to day basis we can influence our moods by the way we think.

Jesus reminds us that his vocation is to bring us to the fullness of life. (John 10 10) and he points us to his Father as the one in whom we can trust.If we can move our focus from failure to The Father we will be following Jesus more closely and our ability to build the kingdom of God expands. Therefore, choose to focus on the good and leave the rest in the hands of your Father in heaven.