Monday, 30 December 2013

a new year meditation

A new year is a pause at the top of a hill. A chance to draw breath and to look back at the way that you have traveled through a year of experience. As you look back at the journey you have made do so with compassion and a gentleness, even for the experiences which still carry a sting or a shiver for your spirit. Let it all be and resist the temptation to analyse. Just look back and say to yourself “that’s what happened” without letting anger or sadness get a foothold because it is already in the past. It is now just experience and it is rich in a wisdom that is deeper than any analysis can reveal. Let it lie and leave every negative in the hands of your God who, in time, will easter it all into new life.

Instead allow your mind’s eye to scan the year for good memories, good people and the ordinary joys of being alive. Let your mind cherry pick your best moments; the conversations that opened up new potential, the stillness of moments of peace, the transfigurations of joy and the meals that have celebrated life. Re-live those life-giving moments that still sparkle on the journey of the last year even with the distance of time. Allow those joys and blessings to rouse up in your mind the gratitude that has made the year of 2013 a gift.

Do not turn too quickly to 2014 but spend some time unwrapping the gift that this passing year has become. Let your heart dwell with these memories and cherish the joys and consolations they contain. Pray that those things that are unfinished may continue to be eastered into new life by the hidden hands of God healing your history.

Open your hands and give the year back to God with gratitude.

Then, put your hand into the hand of God and walk into the adventure of 2014.

Happy new year!