Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A salesian way of living

A new publication

This rule of life attempts to capture the Salesian spirituality of the ordinary. It is not meant to be clever and it requires little prior knowledge to appreciate. The energy of Salesian spirituality comes from mindfulness of a loving father within each person. This awareness gives hope, deepens meaning and lends resilience to relationships. This rule of life is intended to strengthen the awareness of a loving father so that, as Don Bosco reminded us “…people should not only be loved but they should know that they are loved.”

An extract.....

The only proper responses to this presence
liv£1.81ing within you and in those around you
are gratitude and loving kindness.
Gratitude opens you up to receive a family spirit
moving in all people and in creation.
Loving kindness becomes the outward sign
of the respect for this sacred presence
living at the heart of all people;
it breaks through the isolation of all individuals
and builds community.

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One Review……

A Salesian Way of Life is a real treasure. The best 43 pages for the least handful of pence you are likely to spend for a while. We know that a 'Rule of Life' is common to religious communities, with roots going back to Benedict and other 'Greats'. But a 'Rule' might still be off-putting for some today, so it was an inspired little touch to come out with A Salesian Way of Life, and as the author, Fr David O'Malley, suggests the book is an invitation to 'be Salesian' whoever you are, whatever gender, faith background