Thursday, 26 March 2015

Are you a pharisee? I am!

Most of us have an inner pharisee ready to write rules and organise even God. How many of these six signs are present in your life and attitudes right now?

1. Disdain for those at the back of the line- they should have tried harder
2. A spirit of exclusivity that excludes some and includes others
3. Focus on rules and expectations before loving kindness
4. A pattern of idolising the past leading to resistance to change
5. A quest for clone-like uniformity that suppresses the variety of gifts in people

6. My way or the highway attitude- an over-confidence in ones own judgements

We don't mean to get into this pattern of living and thinking but it is all around us. It permeates our schools, health service and consumer culture. Yo might have caught it accidentally.
Fortunately there is an antidote- The Gospel!

To avoid pharisaism take this Gospel attitude three times a day "Do not be afraid I am with you always"