Sunday, 15 March 2015

Eucharist video reflection revised

A Eucharistic reflection and video

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The eucharist is bigger than the mass. Not attending mass does not exclude people from living eucharistically. The eucharist is a way of living in the presence of the risen Jesus as he helps us to carry our own crosses, face our own demons and live a life of balanced faith.

The text....

The bread that we have shared has now become
Part of each of our own bodies
Our bodies and the bread have merged into one
That is how close God is to each of us- all the time

The bread that is now part of my own body
Is also part of each person’s body here in this chapel
There is something in everyone else’s life
That is part of my life
We are mysteriously and deeply connected.

The bread that we have eaten was filled with the presence of Jesus
And there is a closeness right now that needs no words
Because Jesus is with us and in us
And loving each of us right now - inviting us to rest in His presence


The bread that we have eaten goes with us from this place
As a hidden part of our lives
As a presence that knows us from the inside
As a guide and strength for the rest of this day

The bread that we have eaten needs to be shared with others
Through loving kindness with family and friends
Shared in compassion with those in need
And lived out in justice and forgiveness with others

The bread that we have shared holds us together for the week ahead
It tells us that we are all loved even when things go wrong
It reminds us not to hurt others and helps us to respect other lives
And allows us to become bread fro one another.

The bread that you have eaten is not fast food,
To be gobbled down and then forgotten
The bread you have eaten is another touch
In a slowly building relationship with Jesus
That will last for ever.

Follow the path of the bread you have eaten
Into the mystery of who you are
As a son or daughter of God
And as bread for the world