Thursday, 3 January 2013

Don Bosco pilgrimage

We met Don Bosco's casket in Bolton today and are now in convoy as a forty strong team to Glasgow. There is a quiet excitement in the team, partly because this is all so strange and also because we don't know what we will be asked. The team are settling in together and may be pacing themselves already for the 14 days.
Glasgow will be interesting because faith is different north of the border. Here are some thoughts from members of the crew....
I am sitting in the back of this minibus, it's not very comfortable above the wheelarch. However, I'm going home. Being born and bred Glaswegian, I'm proud that we're starting there. Although Don Bosco never personally had the pleasure of visiting any part of the UK, his values and vision have had a profound impact on the way young people have been taught in Scotland for over a century. I'm sure the Scots will recognise him, when they meet each other. (Kevin)
Well, the day has finally arrived & the excitement is building! It's a privilege to be part of the road crew who will share in this special time in the church. Jesus wanted children to come to him & know his redeeming love, Don Bosco gave us a wonderful example of how to share that love. Let's celebrate! Come & join the pilgrimage! (Jessica)
With those thoughts gathered on the bus to Gretna we will leave things until later.