Saturday, 5 January 2013

Carfin and Don Bosco's relics

We arrived at Carfin for an 8.30 start. The team were in great form despite thin sleep and a lot of fast food the night before. Carfin is a friendly place with a lot of practical care and a lot of humour.
Don Bosco seemed to offer different things to different people in today's pilgrim experience. For some the message was about friendship in relationships, for others it was the significance of ordinary things.
One person spoke about how amazing it is to get into the world of young people and share their joys and sorrows. One retired teacher regretted not being aware enough of wasting time with young people.
It seems to me that we have done a dis-service to people by making God unapproachable to some and unbelievable to others. Don Bosco's spirituality resolves both these tensions by  focussing on God as a friendly presence with whom we deal each day. That means that experience becomes the holy ground of life. The here and now becomes a flow, within which God can unfold a pattern of providence. Don Bosco helps us to step into that flow which includes ordinary things and see things through God's eyes.
Today's pilgrims demonstrated that they were aware of the call to service but found it more difficult to listen.
We hope that Don Bosco helps use the road crew to give a good example of faith action as the journey continues.