Monday, 14 January 2013

Quotes from Southwark day One and two 13th and 14th January

It was a wonderful and moving experience to hear so many good confessions. I can see the grace of God touching many peoples. Fr Joseph Elavanal

It feels so strange that we have arrived at our final day of pilgrimage. All those involved have given their all to celebrate the spirit of Don Bosco and reach out to the 1,000s of pilgrims who have come. It will be such a wrench to see the relics leave our shores and go to Belgium. Over many months, we may have the opportunity to gradually unwrap and share the tremendous richness of the experience. There is little doubt that all of us have been renewed in our commitment to work to allow the voice and energies of the young a central place in the life of our Church. Don Bosco, I think, would have been proud and would had a wry smile or two at some of the trials, minor mishaps and the various characters we have all met along the way.
Bro Kevin O’Donnell

There was an extraordinary response from the people.
Fr Des O'Riordan SDB Farnborough

Pretty Cool
Craig altar server at Battersea

I was disappointed it wasn't the whole body
Thomas altar server at Battersea

Superb! Because the people are trusting an intuitive need to connect with Don Bosco a\nd it becomes a very deep experience.
Fr Saju SDB Battersea

Fantastic! Definitely rewarding and proof that church can be interesting and enriching in this friendlier and happier way of praying and reflecting.
Alice Ford Tunbridge.

I came down from Newcastle because I wanted to pray with Don Bosco for personal reasons but what has struck me is the way that young people and older adults can share the same experience without complaints. Where some chatter from young people can add to the prayer atmosphere and young people can be reverent and respectful among praying adults. I wasn't expecting to be inspired by young people but that is the gift I have taken away from this visit.
Robert Campbell Newcastle