Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Relics departure Battersea quotes

Departure service for Don Bosco's relics from Battersea Sacred Heart Church January 15th


Fantastic organisation and a great teaching and information experience. It was inspirational. It was great to see so many thousands of young people visiting Don Bosco. My personal highlight was the hours prayer with the relics and an extended and prayerful conversation with Don Bosco. |Built into the experience was the incentive to understand Don Bosco and not just learn about him. The challenge of the pilgrimage for me was to really live the preventive system not just in school settings but in the whole of life. Its a way of living that was demonstrated by the fantastic team that accompanied the relics.
Sr Mary Treacy FMA

A wonderful experience for me( almost as good as being at Stamford Bridge!) I couldn't get over the numbers or the enthusiasm of young people.
Sr Mary Louise Ballard FMA

The highlight for me was watching some of the older Salesians, both men and women, walking the pilgrim experience with such devotion and a homely familiarity with all that they were experiencing.
|Helen O'Brien Chief executive officer CSAN

It was wonderful for Birmingham to take part in this pilgrimage of the relics of Don Bosco. For us it is an important reminder of the legacy of the Salesian presence in our diocese. It helps us to cherish the charisms that have been enriching the diocese for many years, especially through the work of the Salesians in Cowley, in the school and in the parish of Mary help of Christians.
Through the pilgrimage we have been made aware of a new dimension of being a church involved in love and service of the young in Great Britain inspired by the example of Don Bosco during the visit of his relics.
Archbishop Bernard Longley Birmingham

I've been following the journey of Don Bosco's relics around the world through the internet. I think the experience has been fantastic here but it connects to a world-wide journey that is scattered with marvels and miracles. Its good to know that this amazing experience fits into a pattern that embraces the whole world.
Peter Hunter Salesian Past Pupils Association

It has been a very moving experience most was on Sunday when I received the message that we would be able to take Don Bosco's relics to Feltham Young Offenders Institution. IT was one of Don Bosco's major concerns: to keep young people out of prison. At a personal level I am supporting a family who are having to deal with the imprisonment of their son so this visit meant so much to me. The overall impression of the pilgrimage is one of family; being united around Don Bosco and being proud to say this is our province!
Sr Pauline Clark FMA

It has been a wonderful experience I have been to Turin to Don Bosco's shrine and this ezxperience has brought all of this back as I walked the pilgrim path with Don Bosco. I gained a wonderful sense of peace and tranquillity. I really didn't want the relics to leave the church at the end. I told my siter in Ireland that the relics are on their way and she is looking forward to engaging in the Irish pilgrimage.
Don Bosco's approach to young people is so down to earth that it has made me realise that I can use it more consciously in my work with training nurses. I want to explore how to make the preventive system work in that adult training context.
Marguerite Lydon Nurse Education Officer Chertsey

I am impressed by the down to earth spirituality of Don Bosco. In my previous Anglican role I ran a church youth club and we were always concerned to be with young people. That same concern is recognised and celebrated in Don Bosco's spirituality. We need more emphasis on the playground in working with the young.
Monsignor Keith Newton

It was such an uplifting experience to celebrate Don Bosco's charism. I was surprised to feel so sad at the end when Don Bosco's relics had to leave.
Bishop Philip Pargeter

The whole experience was beautifully done. It was wonderful for me to see the quality and commitment of the young team. I was delighted t5o be invited and consider that it has been an honour to be present at such a unique event.
Superintendent Stuart Smith Metropolitan Police

It has been a real pleasure coming here. There is an energy that seems to flow from this spirituality that brings a much needed joy into education.
Paul Barber Director of Westminster Education Services