Sunday, 6 January 2013

The saint and the splif

He was hiding away, having a splif on Hope St. Just one of thousands of Liverpool lads needing to escape from home on Sunday afternoon.  He was minding his own business but he was still spotted by a young woman who asked him for a light. She didn't seem to notice the smell of his splif and he began to relax into a conversation.
Seems she is from Derby and she was fun despite her weird accent. It turns out that Jess is part of a crew working in the cathedral and helping with the world tour of the relics of a dead saint.
At first he thought it was the splif talking but no, Jess and her friend Emily were on tour with a dead body! This was beyond wierd!
Jess told him he was called Don Bosco and he spent his life working for young people setting up places for them in Turin, his home town.
As he listened to the story what started as weird turned into something fascinating. After a while he asked Jess if he could have a look. So they took the steps up to the cathedral together and Jess introduced him to a 200 year old saint in a glass coffin. On the way he learnt how Don Bosco had lost his Dad as a kid, had fights with his brother that forced him out of home and didn't have a great start at school. It sounded like it could be his story as he stared at the relic.
What was really impressive was that Don Bosco had used these set backs to help others. He wanted young people to feel safe, to belong because he hadn't when he was young. Maybe be could use some of his problems to sort his life out.
Jess told him he could be a saint too, but he didn't fancy the glass coffin!