Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Birmingham quotes day 1

Quotes from Birmingham Day (1)

I have brought my four children up by Don Bosco's methods for many years and I never knew it. I wish I had realised that there was a spirituality for parents that might have kept me sane when they were younger. I need to let my own children know about some of this Salesian approach.
Alex McNaughton Solihull

It was really heart-warming to meet the team and bring my own school to meet the Salesian charism. I was amazed at how easy it was for them to approach confession. I was moved by their readiness for real faith.
Bernie Healey Sheffield

Just being still and quiet with Don Bosco in a pool of light was restoring for my spirit. I found myself praying for young people, many of them were all around me. They have such a hard time with so many choices and confusion in their lives.
Imelda Lane Sutton Coldfield

Such a joyful experience and prayerful too! It was great to see the awe and wonder in the young people as they shared the pilgrim experience.
Jess Wilkinson Burnley

I came in to shelter from the rain at the cathedral. I stay in the hostel down the road and was feeling rough. I've made a mess of my life recently. I had been off drink for 11 months and then, like a fool, I thought I could manage just one before Christmas. I can't remember what happened but I woke up in a police cell and within a few weeks I was homeless.
Going into the church, seeing the young people and praying at Don Bosco's relic was amazing. I just felt he would have understood and I left the church with a warm feeling; feeling that I could manage and be stronger in the future.
Richard Salvation Army Hostel