Monday, 7 January 2013

Quotes from Liverpool January 7th

From youth groups:

Strange but interesting
James Deane

The body thing was weird but the team were great and helpful
Liam Bladon

It was actually quite cool that a person from so long ago wanted people to have fun and enjoy their lives as young people.
Courtney Buchanan

It was interesting to see the person we had learnt so much about in school
Georgie Turner

This was a totally unusual experience. I liked the spinning plates and the tricks from the crew.
Abbee Hurst.

It has been quite an experience finding out about Don Bosco and the way he made cheerfulness a holy thing.
Anisa Haji

What would I ask if I met Don Bosco? I'd ask Don Bosco if he likes roses and then if he would like to come and play with my games.
Thomas Proctor (age 4) Norris Green.


The most moving thing for me was the simplicity of the words on the pilgrim experience. They revealed something of Don Bosco but more about where I am on the bigger journey of life. It was very helpful!
Paul Crumpton Birkenhead

The energy and singing of the team was a great moment at the end of the mass and the way that the congregation all clapped Don Bosco as he left the Cathedral was quite emotional for me.
Agnes Clark St Helens

I loved the way that hundreds of young people gathered and waited with great patience around Don Bosco before saying a prayer with him. It was good to see that church can still hold young people and give them a good experience.
Trevor Cunliffe Burnley

It was brilliant to see the relic crew working so well with young people. They were telling stories, doing tricks and talking about Don Bosco. The cathedral was filled with the cheerful noise of young people. Long may it last.
Anne Dawson North Manchester