Saturday, 12 January 2013

The road crew and their host families celebrate- quotes

Celebration and quotes from the host families of the road January 12th  
Toby Grill Basildon

Thanks to an anonymous donation the parish in Basildon (Our Lady and All Saints) was able to host a meal for the team and their host families. During the meal the lap top was passed around and some thoughts were recorded by the host families about the experience of hosting members of the road crew. The results are below.

'this has been a very moving and meaningful experience. The dedication and hard work of the young volunteers is inspiring. A beautiful day' – Maria Hartnett
'a good presentation of a special life, giving meaning to young peoples lives and the word is still being spread around the world, getting nearer to his bicentennial year.' - Mick Hartnett

A wonderful opportunity to host such wonderful and special people, may they keep up the excellent work they do for young people. - Fina & Daniel Neaves

An honour to be involved and serve such wonderful and committed individuals, for such a great memory and cause. Veena , Ross , Liam and Daniel Callaghan.

Joe Joseph & Sebastian always smiling! It was a real privilege to share our home with you and you didn't even moan about our 6 dogs! What lovely young men full of life and enthusiasm. Thank you !

We had the great pleasure of the company of Josie & Katie who could have quite easily have been one of our own! When young people show commitment to a project that you yourself would think twice before taking on and even then give a poor excuse not to do! you are pushed into a situation where you have to look a little closer at your own faith. We have learnt more about our own faith through Josie,Katie and their dedication then they could possible know. We have shared an experience. Thank you.

The mass in Westminster Cathedral was particularly moving. With forty priests concelebrating St John Bosco would have been justly proud of the Salesian group and its young people who accompanied the relics.
It was a humbling experience to be part of it all. We have loved hosting two lovely young ladies in our own home.
Margaret and James Fox

At the end of the meal Gerry Kehoe, the event manager, spoke on behalf of the team with gratitude for the way that they had gone out with energy and hospitality to those who visited the relics. He also added that it was as important to receive hospitality as to offer it. The words were heckled and overwhelmed by cheers and “viva Don Bosco!” In being welcomed in Basildon the team had been blessed and supported in the sometimes gruelling task of being a road crew over long hours and weeks. Gerry also spoke with great warmth about Fr Dominic's commitment to young people and to Don Bosco.
Fr Dominic pointed out that the whole experience had been an experience of church, of welcome, self sacrifice and humour. After a short prayer and a blessing he sent the group of for a long lie in and invited people to return to the parish by midday Sunday.