Monday, 7 January 2013

Word from the relics road crew

Words from the road crew

Day 4 of our pilgrimage... the excitement is growing each day, as more and more people come and join the fun! We've just arrived in Liverpool, ready to go to the Cathedral and set up for another day of sharing the joy! The Don Bosco vans overtook us on the motorway (again!) and for a while we were in a Don Bosco sandwich! Bring it on! #DBRelics (Jessica)

Just arrived in Liverpool and the excitement is growing through the team, after 2 amazing days already I can't wait to start today and meet all the people that will be joining us over the next 2 days in my home diocese to share this amazing experience we are having. (Polly)

It's great to bring Don Bosco to Liverpool. Everyone is on a high after the experience in Glasgow. Now we wait in excitement to see to what his Spirit will do here. How his personality, deep faith and love of the young has changed so many people through the years. On this, the feast of the Epiphany, we're going to let his star lead us to Christ! (Kevin)

The days are long and the journeys are tiring, however I am loving every single minute of working alongside the relics, it's such an incredible experience and I'm meeting so many people along the way who keep telling me how much the Salesians have affected them over the years (Josie)